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This may surprise you but although this is an amateur site, the people who look after it have been at the forefront of Internet Glamour since 1997.

In the old days you linked to anyone who would link back to you, these days we are a little more selective.

We will carry links for membership sites.

We will carry links for sites using Geocites type hosting.

We will carry links to Top Lists and TGP sites 


If your site says "your very own slut in compromising positions" or "Watch me take it up the bum" - If you spell the word 'come' with a U - Please don't waste ours (or your own) time. We wish you luck and you will find plenty of others sites, happy to support you.

If your site really is a Glamour site however, please link to our URL at:-

Then email and tell us, not forgetting to include your desired URL.

We will inspect the site and if we are happy, we will confirm we would like to exchange links.  If you hear nothing after a week, drop us a line to remind us!


Many sites still favourer banners, if you do you will find ours here Banners

Our policy on banners is simply:-  If they are done well, at best they tell you nothing about the site, just how clever the banner artist was.  We prefer a boxed link, with an honest description of the site and its contents.  Incidentally, it also loads a lot faster.



If you would like to see our website banners look here


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