11th April 2005

Christine Fans should be aware she is just about to release, her second Video Clips CD. It features 11 special recorded videos, totalling over 30 minutes of pure glamour. I was lucky enough to get a preview of it today and I was completely blown away by the "In A Dream Sequence", although the other clips were pretty fantastic too.

This will be the last CD Christine releases (at least for a while), so grab yours now before they disappear! A quick link to view some samples from it is


24th March 2005

Another new model added today. Check out Velvet in Updates! Speaking of updates then please make sure that you bookmark the Updates page as from now on the News page will be used for slightly more major events! Now that we have moved to updating the model galleries 3-5 times a week it doesn't make sense to keep putting them here. It was OK when we updating monthly but not now.

Last but not least please remember my new email address mickey@glamourimages.net Change your records now as the old one will stop working soon.

Cheers Mickey

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