How to Pimp a Milf Site the Right Way


Now, you’re probably thinking, sex sells. If sex sells, then a milf dating website basically is like shooting fish in a barrel. It’s a slam dunk. It’s a guaranteed deal. It’s a done deal cause there’s so many men wondering “where to find MILFs near me”.

Well, you’re more than welcome to think along those lines, but let me tell you, if you’re thinking along those lines, chances are, you’re going to lose your money. A fool, after all, is soon separated from his money. That’s true in the past, that’s true now, and will continue to be true long into the future.

You can’t fuck around when it comes to online business and you definitely cannot be lazy when it comes to promoting a milf site. Just because you’re promoting one of the hottest sexual demographics as far as online dating is concerned, doesn’t necessarily mean that all these dollars will magically appear in your bank account.

I wish it was that easy. I wish that you just need to put the magic phrase “milf” on a website and all that cash will somehow, some way, appear. It doesn’t work that way. You have to pimp it right. And assuming that you built the right website, you have to build a brand.

A lot of guys think that you have to spam so you can become successful online. A lot of guys think that you have to break rules, cut corners or otherwise engage in scumbag behavior to make money. Well, these idiots are screwing it up for the rest of us.

If you’re really serious about making money online, you just need to focus on building a brand. That’s how you effectively pimp a mature site. In other words, you produce results. Guys are looking for results. That’s what they will pay for. That’s what they will stick around for. So give it to them.

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your milf site actually contains real, live, flesh and blood human milfs. This is not a mystery. This is not rocket science.

Second, you must not ever use scumbag strategies like using bots to automatically solicit guys who just joined, or automate your profile so it looks like real women are contacting them. Refrain from the bullshit. I know it’s tempting, but refrain from it. You’ll only thank me later because this will make your website stand out from the rest.

Third, and most important, build a real community. If real women find out that your milf site delivers guys who deliver the kind of action they’re looking for, they will gladly join your site. If you’re able to do this, then you’ll be able to deliver the goods and you would build such a solid reputation that you don’t have to worry about pimping your website ever again. The money will just flow.

The only problem is, are you up to the journey? Are you willing to put in the time, effort and patience to make this happen? Unfortunately, this is one question that only you can answer.