NFT Investments

NFT Investments from adult companies is something new but it’s growing. I’m starting to see more and more adult companies invest time and money to enter the NFT space. Playboy NFTs started this trend and has taken over with its Rabbitar series. They release almost 12,ooo unique rabbit NFT’s. The OG’s in the industry will say that it has saved playboy from going bankrupt. The share price of Playboy would also suggest that as it went from $10 to almost $50 a share. The share price now sits at a steady $27 a share.

For an adult company to step into a whole different field and own it to make a huge profit is just paving the way for other companies to do the same. NFT stands for a non-fungible token, which ones a one-off art piece. When you take into account that its art, this opens it up to other companies to set into the world of NFTs.

NFT Investments

Bongacams NFT

To celebrate 10 years in business bongacams have decided to release 10k unique pieces of work of girls. Now each NFT is unique in its own right with different hairstyles and accessorized.  There is still time to get your hands on these as they don’t get released until the 21st of January. All BongaNFTs are priced at a flat rate of 0.15 ETH, would expect this to go up afterward depending on the rarity of the NFT. If you are new to NFT you will need to set up a Metamask account. There will also be ETH gas fees for the transactions so be wary of those.


How amazing do these look? Could you be the next NFT millionaire from these NFT’s who knows with so many NFT projects being released in the next few months they are all wanting your hard-earned ETH.